New 4K resolution videos released!

High image quality even on a large screen!

Let's enjoy with beautiful quality even with pores are clearly visible!


What is the benefit of 4K videos?

4K video is 4 times higher quality than conventional HD videos. You can enjoy more delicate and beautiful videos than conventional HD videos. Download the best videos that does not degrading the image quality even if you watch it on a larger 4K TV!


Let's watch 4K sample video now.

We have prepared a sample video that allows you to experience 4K. Please download the sample video from the link below and watch it on a 4K compatible TV or 4K compatible monitor.

* Please enjoy larger screen by clicking the arrow on upper right corner.

* A 4K compatible TV or monitor is required to watch 4K videos.
Please note that you will not be able to experience high image quality even if you play it on a display that does not support 4K.

TOKYO HOT popular videos reconverted and reborn as 4K with the latest technology of AI.

We have a special promotion to download more 4K videos

Up to 5 am (Japan time) on June 6, 2021, you can download the following TOKYO HOT 4K videos in half the required download amount. Since 4K video has a large file size, it can be a hussle to download all. Download them during the campaign and enjoy more 4K videos now.

What is AI-based 4K conversion?

AI automatically improves the image quality of TOKYO HOT's original data, and upgrades from HD and FHD to 4K (UHD). With AI technology, the image quality is much higher than simply scaling up the screen size, and you can confirm it in higher image quality as 4K (UHD).

The 4K (UHD) specifications of TOKYO HOT are as follows.

Resolution: 3,840x2,160
Video bit rate: Approx 30,000kbps
Audio bit rate: 384kbps
Frame Rate: 29.97fps

We will deliver popular videos of TOKYO HOT in 4K at any time, so please look forward to it.

* A display that supports 4K playback is required for viewing.
* There is no streaming. It is download only.
* Since the file size is large (15GB to 20GB), free space is required.

TOKYO HOT will have more than 200 4K videos!

In addition to the reconverted 4K video of TOKYO HOT, 4K videos have been coming up under various studios. Let's enjoy beautiful videos with higher image quality and plenty of realism!