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Privacy Policy of MY.TOKYO-HOT.COM / JSKY Services, Inc.

Privacy related policies of MY.TOKYO-HOT.COM / JSKY Services, Inc.

Thank you for your business with MY.TOKYO-HOT.COM (hereinafter this “Site”). Our privacy policy is clear.
This Site will never collect any information you provide whatsoever unless automatically compiled by ISP’s software. The exception is when you agree and accept certain specific disclosure of information.
Regarding Information automatically gathered
The following information shall be temporarily gathered and stored:

These pieces of information shall be used for statistics purposes only, and we use the information for the purpose of understanding how users of this Site use our system. Unless otherwise noted specifically, no other individual information shall be collected.
Collection of the aforementioned statistical information includes information collected by Google Analytics . Certain non-individual information shall be forwarded to Google, Inc., and said information shall be used only for the purpose of understanding the Site usage and other statistical purposes only. Any information provided through Google Analytics shall not include any private information of each user of this Site. Google Analytics’s privacy policy can be found here.
Individually Disclosed Information

For accessing this Site, you do not have to disclose any individual information whatsoever. However, if you choose to disclose your individual information via a form, an electronic message, disclosure during a registration, said information shall be used for disclosure for the limited purpose of a specific disclosure, and no information shall be disclosed outside the scope of said purpose.
However, the information you disclosed may be required to store under this Site according to applicable laws. If that is a case, this Site shall retain the information. However, this information retained in this Site shall be strictly treated as confidential
Limitation of Disclosure

Any information you disclose to this Site shall be strictly confidential, and unless otherwise ordered by court or investigating unlawful activities, no information shall be disclosed. Also, the information shall not be sold or transferred.
Disclaimer of this Site

This Site is connected to other websites through links. In some situations, these links are connected to a third party. If you leave this Site, and view third parties’ website, please refer to the privacy policy of these websites. MY.TOKYO-HOT.COM shall not recommend and/or provide any guarantee and/or promise to third parties’ merchandise, service, and entities. Also, this Site shall not be responsible and/or liable for any information outside the Site.
Against Illegal Use

This Site is administrated and operated by MY.TOKYO-HOT.COM / JSKY Services, Inc.. all information on this Site is protected by copyrights within the United States federal, state and local laws and under any applicable countries’ laws. Any violation of copyrights owned by this Site is subject to criminal penalty under the Federal courts. For the purpose of protecting this Site’s security and for the purpose of protecting your freely viewing experience, this Site installs software system against illegal upload, illegal modification of existing information, damaging the contents of this Site, and any attempt to commit the foregoing activities. If any illegal activities are found, for the limited purpose of criminal investigation, this Site may provide the limited scope of information for prosecuting against these illegal activities.