Amalia Davis has a hot juicy pussy - She strips and shows us her pussy today

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Amalia Davis has a hot juicy pussy - She strips and shows us her pussy today

Amalia Davis is our Russian hottie today. We start off today on a comfortable sofa with Amalia and she is here to just get naked. She is fucking hot! We love her and we love her so much more cause she is here to show us her pussy and she also has a set of tits that are amazing! All our members are crazy for her tits. We get so many comments about Amalia Davis and everyone wants more of her just because those tits are fucking hot! And that we get to see more of them makes all of us have a better day. Everyone in the office loves to come out and watch this hottie get naked. Amalia starts off with a sexy look and a hot little outfit. She is wearing an army green short dress. We notice right away that she has no bra on as we can see her nipples through her top. We love to see those nipples and the tits popping out right away gets us all hard. They are out and she lets us all get a good look at them as she bounces them up and down and rubs her nipples and they are as lovely as we remember them. Amalia gets up on the sofa on her knees and spreads her legs and shows us her hot panties. Fuck, she looks hot and now she wants her panties off and we think she is hornier than we all are. She doesn't even pull her panties off, she just pulls them aside and pulls her pussy lips open as she spreads her legs. We are happier now and then she pulls out a sex toy and we know where that is going to go. Go watch the full video to see how she uses it!
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